Foundation and skin type...yes, it matters!

Run into the store and just grab any foundation you can find... ''but it says 24hr wear?'' That should do, right? NO! 

Just like anything else, foundation is not a one size fits all! We are unique and need to pick foundation according to our own skin type...

If you have a very dry skin, wearing a matte foundation would dry out your skin even more! Same goes for oily skin type!

So firstly, you need to determine what skin type you are then choose a formula according to that!

Here is a little 'cheat sheet' to help you pick the right foundation.

Oily skin - mattifying formula or oil free

Dry Skin - creamy or hydrating formula 

Remember to prep your skin right before applying foundation. If you have dry skin a hydrating moisturiser is essential in your skincare routine! If your skin is not in a well kept state no foundation will be able to fully do what it needs. 

For more tips and tricks on all things beauty ...look out for the next blog post! Until then...remember real beauty comes from within! Smile more💋